Tips: How to be Mindful with your Jewelry!

Think about taking your time when buying jewelry, trying not to purchase every new trend that comes along, metals, that wont last or pieces that are really too big or

The History and Lore of Amethyst

This month the spotlight is on Amethyst. Now Amethyst has a tale on how the beautiful stone earned its name. Bacchus, the god of wine and conviviality, was angry because

The Power of a Pinky Ring

For centuries men and women have worn pinky rings. Today people wear pinky rings for a few different reasons. Besides just style reasons, they can symbolize personal achievements, wealth and

Appraising and Repairing Your Fine Jewelry

‘Tis the season to remind our friends and community shopper that you can rely on the jewelry experts at David Craig Jewelers for all your fine jewelry needs. Appraisals for

From Victorian to Modern Times: Beautiful Bypass Jewelry

Shown: Forevermark 18 kt yellow gold pave diamond bypass ring: $1,575.00 Also called a crossover ring, bypass rings are unique in that the ends of the ring don’t meet. While

Tips For Buying Fine Jewelry This Holiday Season

David Craig Jewelers reminds holiday shoppers that while the simulated stones and base metals of costume jewelry may look attractive, they can’t compare long-term to the real gemstones and precious

Precious Versus Semi-Precious Gemstones: Just a Label

When minerals can be cut and refined to turn into jewelry or other ornamentations, we call them gemstones. And we take this label a step forward by then categorizing gemstones

More Great Reasons to Shop “Previously Loved”

Shown: Limited edition Fabergé eggpendant necklace: $2,950. In a recent New York Times article, Angelina Chen, a senior jewelry specialist at Christie’s famous auction house, says that vintage jewelry is

November Birthstones: Choose From Two

November’s gemstones are topaz and citrine, with each jewel offering distinctive highlights and varieties to appeal to discerning tastes and budgets. One Choice: Topaz The most valuable topaz gemstones are

Tantalizing Tanzanite is Rarer Than Diamonds

Looking for fine jewelry that’s as unique as the person to whom you are presenting the gift? Consider tanzanite. Our vast loose gemstone collection includes extremely rare cushion-shape purple/pink tanzanite

Shop Estate or Vintage Jewelry For Unique Value

Purchasing new jewelry for a loved one (or yourself!) is an exciting adventure. New is great. But there are also many advantages to buying previously loved jewelry instead, and we’d

Loving Mom Steps in to Lend a Hand

When Langhorne resident Carol Annucci learned that her son, Michael, was thinking of proposing to his girlfriend, Lauren, Carol was thrilled to offer some family help, even though Michael and

Re-Design Your Diamond Engagement Ring

Perhaps it’s a wedding anniversary. Maybe you’re celebrating another milestone, like graduating from a special school or educational program, the birth of a child or another great birthday. Could be

All That Glitters: Interesting Facts about Gold

If you spot the word “gold” in a jewelry item description, keep in mind that gold-plated, for instance, means that the jewelry contains only a thin layer of gold on

Fine Jewelry Is More Than Just Beautiful

When we speak of “fine” jewelry, we’re not just discussing the way the piece looks, although every piece of fine jewelry at David Craig Jewelers is indeed quite beautiful! Fine

10 Golden Facts About Gold

We never get tired of talking about gold! Believe it or not, this precious metal is so rare that you’re more likely to dig up a five-carat diamond than you

Five Jewelry Gift Ideas for the New Mom

Unlike shower gifts, “push presents” are for the new mom instead of the baby. What better way to show a wife, daughter or daughter-in law you love her and are

Doublets and Triplets

Doublets and triplets might sound like Olympic skating feats, but in the fine jewelry world the terms designate special techniques designers use to create exciting new colors and shapes of

Silver or Gold: What’s Your Best Look?

The debate continues. Silver or gold? When it comes to choosing engagement rings, necklaces, earrings and more, we ask ourselves whether gold or silver “suits us” best. The answer: Pick

10 Tips to Choose Which Diamond Shape is Right for You?

You may have heard about the 4Cs of diamond quality: color, clarity, cut and carat. But how do you choose what actual SHAPE suits you best? Shape is just what

Five Tips for Keeping Your Jewelry in Great Shape This Summer

Traveling this summer? Planning on taking some of your precious metal jewelry with you? Here are some valuable tips to KEEP YOUR FINE JEWELRY SAFE: #1 Make Sure Your Ring

Don’t Risk Losing Gemstones Due to Faulty Prongs or Clasps

It’s a sad day for all of us here at David Craig Jewelers when a customer comes in to say she or he lost a valuable diamond or gemstone. The

Employee Spotlight: Edie Sidebotham

This month, David Craig Jewelers proudly highlights our cheerful jewelry specialist Edie Sidebotham, one of the latest individuals to join our team. She loves to travel: While Edie currently lives

You ARE Worthy!

“I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it!”— Ariana Grande – 7 Rings Recently been promoted? Got your long hair cut and want some gorgeous ear

Fine Jewelry as An Investment? Bloomberg Says Yes!

With housing prices soaring and the stock market rippling like a rollercoaster, here’s an interesting idea for an alternative investment: precious gemstones. In a recent article, Chris Rovzar, editor of


Did you know that mother-of-pearl, so popular in the jewelry world, is also in demand for use as decorative inlays for musical instruments, household items, tableware and door designs? Indeed,

An Engaging Story

In a recent feature, Brides magazine discusses wedding ring trends like colored gemstones, vintage nostalgia, contoured stacks, oval-shaped diamonds, big and blingy jewelry and surprise diamond details. We’ve got ‘em

Move Over Silver: Stainless Steel is Here

We talk a lot about silver and gold, but you rarely hear us mention stainless steel, a durable alternative metal that you may more often hear about when used for

Take a Trip to Emerald City

Looking for a fabulous birthday and/or Mother’s Day gift for next month? Arguably the world’s most popular green gemstone, emerald is May’s birthstone. The deeper the color, the more valuable

All About Platinum

All About Platinum This year, Britain’s Queen Elizabeth marks her platinum jubilee, celebrating how she ascended to the throne 70 years ago in 1952 when her father died. As the


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