• David Craig Rotenberg was recently featured as an expert guest author on jewelry. His article “Man-Made Versus Natural Diamonds—How Can You Tell the Difference? And Why You Should Care” appears in The Aisle Wedding Directory, a wedding blog and vendor directory that provides couples with current wedding tips, inspiration and
  • Earrings are interesting fashion accessories that look pretty and showcase our unique styles  with vibrant gemstones and precious metals. Pre-Biblical Origins Otzi the Iceman, from the Otztal area of the alps between Austria and Italy, is Europe’s oldest known preserved human and earring wearer, dating back 5,300 years. Frozen until
  • Is your jewelry box stuffed with unwanted gold, silver or platinum bling? Do you own broken gold necklaces or bracelets or single earrings that have lost their mates? Maybe you’ve got some pre-‘64 silver coins you’ve been saving for a rainy day.  Cash for Gold, Silver and More Our slogan
  • If you’re following our blog posts, you may know that there are normally two birthstones for each month, a traditional stone and a more modern one. For March, tranquil aquamarine serves as the more modern stone and the more “powerful” bloodstone for the traditional birthstone. Aquamarine: Visions of the Sea
  • A gorgeous blend of red and violet helps create this gorgeous purple quartz gemstone. The word “Amethyst” comes from the Ancient Greek word “methustos,” or “amethystos,” meaning not drunk. Seriously. The Greeks apparently believed that the gemstone would protect them from the effects of drinking too much. Do not try
  • Whether you’re planning on becoming engaged or simply want to show someone special you care, nothing says “I love you” like jewelry. Flowers and chocolate are great, but they can’t compare to an exquisite ring, a pair of earrings, a necklace or bracelet to be cherished today and always. History
  • Diamonds are the hardest substance on earth. But did you also know that natural diamonds are found in nearly every color of the rainbow? While colorless diamonds are the most popular engagement ring choice, the world is full of diamond colors from pale brown and yellow to even red and
  • When most of us think of garnets, we see red. In a good way! But garnets, January’s birthstone, actually come in a large variety of colors including yellow, green, pink, blue and purple. You can be forgiven for confusing a red garnet with a ruby. While the two gemstones are
  • Individuals born in December can choose from three beautiful, bluish gemstones to highlight their birth month. Choose the one that best fits your style! Turquoise Admired for centuries, turquoise’s popularity goes waaay back to the funerary mask of King Tut. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) suggests turquoise for someone
  • Owners Andreas and Elisha Argentinis turned a passion into a livelihood by creating Metal Pressions, their lovely collection of hand-stamped, handcrafted, jewelry keepsakes that, with help from David Craig Jewelers, they personalize for you. The couple combine craftmanship and technology to produce original art jewelry in solid yellow gold, rose
  • Lashbrook men’s rings and wedding bands feature contemporary base metals including titanium, Damascus steel, zirconium, tungsten carbide and carbon fiber. This modern brand was started by Eric Laker, a goldsmith who decided he wanted to offer more than the traditional gold or platinum bands available when he worked in retail
  • Looking for some especially sparkling gift inspiration? You can’t go wrong with fine jewelry in yellow, rose gold or silver to add pizzaz to any outfit. Choose from vintage, classic, modern, or custom-designed creations to match her unique personality. Your jewelry gift will keep on giving since precious metals appreciate
  • With December holidays just around the corner, it’s never too early to start thinking of an especially nice gift for a loved one or friend. Perhaps you’ll want to consider a lovely ring, necklace or bracelet to commemorate special occasions you may have had to miss out on during what
  • Halloween is just around the corner and the team at David Craig Jewelers is getting into the SPIRIT! Looking for a shiny TREAT? Come on in and check out some of our BOOtiful necklaces, rings, bracelets, watches and other fine jewelry gifts for all occasions. Our spooktacular store manager Paul/Fonzie
  • One of October’s birthstones, opals have gotten some bump raps over the years. We thought we’d take a moment to help dispel some superstitions surrounding these beautiful, yet often thought of as mysterious, gemstones. That Unusual Opal Appearance Opals range from translucent white to grey, orange, yellow, red, green, blue—just
  • We recently struck reader gold! Since so many of you liked our appraisal post highlighting David Craig Jewelers for your expert gemstone, diamond and other fine jewelry appraisals, we decided to follow up with more information. Types of Appraisals Many of you use our jewelry appraisals for insurance valuations in
  • If a diamond isn’t your cup of tea, how about a gorgeous colored gemstone as the centerpiece for your engagement ring? We’ll help you create a ring that’s just as unique and lovely as the wearer, one that will totally set you apart from the crowd. Famous Gemstone Rings Kate
  • If you’ve visited our store, you already know that David Craig Jewelers offers one of the area’s best selections and most competitive prices. But did you know we do repairs as well? If you have broken or damaged jewelry, we can utilize our wealth of experience and tools to re-fabricate
  • Curious to hear about the latest trends in engagement rings? Look no further than your local friends at David Craig Jewelers. Our Summit Square, Langhorne/Newtown store is one of 16 U.S. shops recently featured in an article titled “2020 Engagement Ring Trends” . Ringspo.com only reached out to jewelry experts
  • Multiple international laboratories “grade” diamonds, providing lab certifications with professional third-party opinions as to the quality of the diamonds you purchase. At David Craig Jewelers (DCJ), we depend on three of these prestigious institutions, the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), the American Gemological Society (AGS) and Forevermark. After decades of
  • In 2015, Lou Toth, now 34, strolled into Langhorne’s Manny Brown’s Bar and Grill to buy beer for a party. As a cook at the Summit Square Shopping Center’s nearby Tre Fratelli Italian restaurant at the time, Lou knew that Manny’s was a convenient place to buy beer. Behind the
  • Kelly loves her David Craig Jewelers ring! We warmly congratulate this young couple on their engagement which is just the start of their long and brilliant journey together.
  • Once available only in flea markets, evil eye jewelry is a prominent feature today, showing up in both enameled and gemstone creations. Meghan Markle (yes, Harry’s wife) wears one she purchased in Athens. Celebrities like Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston, Cameron Diaz and Madonna have been spotted wearing them. According to
  • We’re thrilled to introduce our latest jeweler line, one that proves that DIAMONDS ARE A MAN’S best friend! Elysium’s black diamond wedding bands are called “the world’s first and only solid diamond rings.” Incredibly sturdy, yet lightweight, the bands are made from thousands of tiny diamond crystals which forms a

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Celebrating 40 years in Bucks County, PA (and 7 years on YouTube, our family business is committed to honesty, integrity and professionalism. When you are shopping for that special occasion or your personal collection, please visit us. We offer selections of diamonds, precious gems, gold, silver and platinum jewelry, watches, clocks and a beautiful gift gallery at exceptional values. And, we guarantee 100% satisfaction.

David Craig Jewelers
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Steve K
Steve K
12:55 27 Mar 21
I’ve bought several pieces from David and his team as has my mom. Everything has always been beautiful and fair. ... Great team of people and awesome stuff. Most recent was a custom redo of my wife’s wedding ring, turned out great with Paul’s craftsmanship after a consult with us designing it together. We’ll be back!read more
16:41 15 Jun 20
I had a wonderful experience here!!! They have so much knowledge and a very trustworthy place. Paul was extraordinarily... helpful with all types of jewels. Modern to vintage...they are helpful sincere and remarkable. Chae was also very helpful in assisting. You can find many jewelers but none will be as unique and remarkable as David Craigs unique staff and place. David is a kind man and is a pleasure as well. Ty so much!!!read more
Angel Reyes
Angel Reyes
23:34 06 Mar 20
Excellent experience with the entire staff, especially Paul and David (the owner). They understood what I was looking... for and what my budget was and they were very quick to find me the right diamond. I think I found myself a new jeweler.read more
Ilya Byk
Ilya Byk
22:55 05 Mar 20
Horrible Place! Rip offs!! Paid $15 to have only 1 freaking link removed from my wrist watch. Oh, yeah, David said to... give me a $5 discount. Do not shop here!read more
Patricia Lutz
Patricia Lutz
04:23 29 Feb 20
I have been a customer for several years and highly recommend David Craig Jewelers. The staff is friendly and... knowledgeable, which helps to create a welcoming atmosphere. Kudos to Dawn who has gone above and beyond to make sure we were satisfied. Their workmanship is impeccable and prices reasonable. When my husband’s wedding ring needed to be remade due to damage from an accident, we were so pleased that it turned out looking exactly as it had when brand new. The same attention to detail has been given to minor jewelry repairs. So happy to have found this treasure!read more
Nora Erickson
Nora Erickson
02:04 10 Dec 19
First experience here. Great customer service, quick turn around service and fair price. I will be back.
Jasmine Henriquez
Jasmine Henriquez
02:04 22 Nov 19
My fiancé had the best experience at David Craig Jewelers . He crafted my custom Forevermark diamond engagement ring... from scratch along with the phenominal staff at David Craig . I was immediately in love with my engagement ring as soon as I saw it and he could not wait to bring me back to David Craig so I could personally meet their amazing staff . We continued to work with them in selecting both his and my wedding bands and I could not be any happier with their quality and customer service . They are truly amazing at what the do .read more
Jessica Boerstler
Jessica Boerstler
12:38 28 Nov 18
Go see Julie at David Craig Jewelers! My sisters, mom and I were looking for a matching band to get for my wedding - a... "sister band". We had an idea of what we wanted and were in a bit of a time crunch. Julie made getting the rings possible. She's so kind and genuinely cared about making these bands possible. I'll definitely be going back so David Craig - even if it's just to visit Julie 🙂read more
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