• In some cultures, huge earrings are a sign of stature—among men. The ancient Egyptians may have worn live bejeweled beetles into battle to help keep them safe (or at least grossed out, as far as we’re concerned). Cockroaches seem to have been popular, too. The strange superstition about opals may
  • When we think of sapphire, we often picture a vibrant blue gemstone. But these precious gemstones, varieties of the mineral corundum, can come in a rainbow of beautiful colors, including pink, green, gray, brown, salmon-colored and more. Origin The name “sapphire” seems to have connotations across the board, from the
  • Want to make sure your favorite fine jewelry pieces are safe and sound? Check out our tips and keep your valuables safe and looking great: DON’T clean precious gemstones with ultrasonic chemicals yourself unless you are advised it’s safe to do so by a professional jeweler. Popular stones like topaz,
  • According to a recent article in the New York Times, one of the reasons fine jewelry sales are on the rise is that people are looking for investments. Fine jewelry can be considered a hard asset that normally retains its long-term value, kind of like fine art. Fashionista, an online
  • Happy birthday to all our friends born in August, a special month when it comes to gemstones since we have not just one, not just two, but three beautiful birthstones for the month. Sardonyx is August’s traditional birthstone, with a history dating back thousands of years. It’s been used to
  • According to Holiday Insights, romance is really in the air in August as we celebrate Romance Awareness Month this month. We’d thought we’d really get into the act by offering you: According to some cultures, rain on your wedding day is considered good luck. The idea is that a wet
  • Think you know a lot about gemstones and precious metals? Take our jewelry quiz and let us know how you do. You can find answers to all of these questions by reading posts on the David Craig Jewelers blog or our Facebook page. Or just look below! 1/Australia is a
  • The sparkling, fiery quality of a natural born diamond is hard to beat. Prized for centuries, diamonds are the ultimate gift of love.
  • Although women have been wearing wedding rings as far back as ancient Egypt, the practice of men wearing bands seems to have started more recently. In fact, it wasn’t probably until WWII when men wearing bands became popular, probably as a way of showing unity with their wives back home.
  • Anniversaries June is considered one of the most popular months for getting married, if not THE most popular month. One reason, at least in these parts, is that early summer and early fall in Pennsylvania and New Jersey often mean milder weather with less chance of rain or high humidity.
  • For many years, Council Rock North graduate Leah Collier has ventured to the Florida Keys for an annual family trip. “My dad participates in an astronomy event there, so we’ve always made it into an regular outing,” says Leah. Last year, on February 17 th 2020, Leah’s boyfriend Justin Faust
  • David Craig Jewelers is very pleased to introduce our latest team member, Bela Kardos. A seasoned diamontologist, Bela brings more than 35 years of experience in both jewelry manufacturing and retail jewelry management with companies like Jarrod. A Worldly Guy: While Bela currently resides in Yardley, PA, he is originally
  • Why should women have all the fun when it comes to choosing wedding bands? Lashbrook’s unique men’s bands feature exotic hardwood that’s ethically sourced to support hardwood sustainability. Made in the U.S., the bands are hypoallergenic, customizable, durable and scratch-resistant. Basically all-around cool. Many Types of WoodTreat yourself or a
  • Diamonds are not only a girl’s (and guy’s) best friend, they’re also the official birthstones for anybody lucky enough to be born in April. Ten Interesting Facts About Diamonds Diamonds are the toughest gemstones, 58 times harder than anything found in nature. Want to scratch a diamond? You need another
  • Looking for a truly unique Mother’s Day gift? How about ammolite, officially named a gemstone only since 1981. Ammolite gemstones are the trade name given to the iridescent, nacreous, opal-like layer of the shell of the prehistoric marine mollusks called ammonites. The ammonites became extinct 65 million years ago. What’s
  •  Limited Time Only   50% Off Samuel B. CollectionIn-Store SelectionREAD MORE The world-renowned Samuel B. jewelry collection features exquisitely handcrafted designs in sterling silver with gold and gemstone accents. Named after the master designer and founder, Samuel Benham, this gorgeous jewelry is Inspired by intricate Balinese architecture. Wearable ArtTimeless and classic
  • David Craig Rotenberg was recently featured as an expert guest author on jewelry. His article “Man-Made Versus Natural Diamonds—How Can You Tell the Difference? And Why You Should Care” appears in The Aisle Wedding Directory, a wedding blog and vendor directory that provides couples with current wedding tips, inspiration and
  • Earrings are interesting fashion accessories that look pretty and showcase our unique styles  with vibrant gemstones and precious metals. Pre-Biblical Origins Otzi the Iceman, from the Otztal area of the alps between Austria and Italy, is Europe’s oldest known preserved human and earring wearer, dating back 5,300 years. Frozen until
  • Is your jewelry box stuffed with unwanted gold, silver or platinum bling? Do you own broken gold necklaces or bracelets or single earrings that have lost their mates? Maybe you’ve got some pre-‘64 silver coins you’ve been saving for a rainy day.  Cash for Gold, Silver and More Our slogan
  • If you’re following our blog posts, you may know that there are normally two birthstones for each month, a traditional stone and a more modern one. For March, tranquil aquamarine serves as the more modern stone and the more “powerful” bloodstone for the traditional birthstone. Aquamarine: Visions of the Sea
  • A gorgeous blend of red and violet helps create this gorgeous purple quartz gemstone. The word “Amethyst” comes from the Ancient Greek word “methustos,” or “amethystos,” meaning not drunk. Seriously. The Greeks apparently believed that the gemstone would protect them from the effects of drinking too much. Do not try
  • Whether you’re planning on becoming engaged or simply want to show someone special you care, nothing says “I love you” like jewelry. Flowers and chocolate are great, but they can’t compare to an exquisite ring, a pair of earrings, a necklace or bracelet to be cherished today and always. History
  • Diamonds are the hardest substance on earth. But did you also know that natural diamonds are found in nearly every color of the rainbow? While colorless diamonds are the most popular engagement ring choice, the world is full of diamond colors from pale brown and yellow to even red and
  • When most of us think of garnets, we see red. In a good way! But garnets, January’s birthstone, actually come in a large variety of colors including yellow, green, pink, blue and purple. You can be forgiven for confusing a red garnet with a ruby. While the two gemstones are

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Celebrating 40 years in Bucks County, PA (and 7 years on YouTube, our family business is committed to honesty, integrity and professionalism. When you are shopping for that special occasion or your personal collection, please visit us. We offer selections of diamonds, precious gems, gold, silver and platinum jewelry, watches, clocks and a beautiful gift gallery at exceptional values. And, we guarantee 100% satisfaction.

David Craig Jewelers
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Steve K
Steve K
12:55 27 Mar 21
I’ve bought several pieces from David and his team as has my mom. Everything has always been beautiful and fair. ... Great team of people and awesome stuff. Most recent was a custom redo of my wife’s wedding ring, turned out great with Paul’s craftsmanship after a consult with us designing it together. We’ll be back!read more
16:41 15 Jun 20
I had a wonderful experience here!!! They have so much knowledge and a very trustworthy place. Paul was extraordinarily... helpful with all types of jewels. Modern to vintage...they are helpful sincere and remarkable. Chae was also very helpful in assisting. You can find many jewelers but none will be as unique and remarkable as David Craigs unique staff and place. David is a kind man and is a pleasure as well. Ty so much!!!read more
Angel Reyes
Angel Reyes
23:34 06 Mar 20
Excellent experience with the entire staff, especially Paul and David (the owner). They understood what I was looking... for and what my budget was and they were very quick to find me the right diamond. I think I found myself a new jeweler.read more
Ilya Byk
Ilya Byk
22:55 05 Mar 20
Horrible Place! Rip offs!! Paid $15 to have only 1 freaking link removed from my wrist watch. Oh, yeah, David said to... give me a $5 discount. Do not shop here!read more
Patricia Lutz
Patricia Lutz
04:23 29 Feb 20
I have been a customer for several years and highly recommend David Craig Jewelers. The staff is friendly and... knowledgeable, which helps to create a welcoming atmosphere. Kudos to Dawn who has gone above and beyond to make sure we were satisfied. Their workmanship is impeccable and prices reasonable. When my husband’s wedding ring needed to be remade due to damage from an accident, we were so pleased that it turned out looking exactly as it had when brand new. The same attention to detail has been given to minor jewelry repairs. So happy to have found this treasure!read more
Nora Erickson
Nora Erickson
02:04 10 Dec 19
First experience here. Great customer service, quick turn around service and fair price. I will be back.
Jasmine Henriquez
Jasmine Henriquez
02:04 22 Nov 19
My fiancé had the best experience at David Craig Jewelers . He crafted my custom Forevermark diamond engagement ring... from scratch along with the phenominal staff at David Craig . I was immediately in love with my engagement ring as soon as I saw it and he could not wait to bring me back to David Craig so I could personally meet their amazing staff . We continued to work with them in selecting both his and my wedding bands and I could not be any happier with their quality and customer service . They are truly amazing at what the do .read more
Jessica Boerstler
Jessica Boerstler
12:38 28 Nov 18
Go see Julie at David Craig Jewelers! My sisters, mom and I were looking for a matching band to get for my wedding - a... "sister band". We had an idea of what we wanted and were in a bit of a time crunch. Julie made getting the rings possible. She's so kind and genuinely cared about making these bands possible. I'll definitely be going back so David Craig - even if it's just to visit Julie 🙂read more
matthew myers
matthew myers
17:50 02 Aug 18
My wife and I had purchased a stone to put into a ring and wanted a custom designed piece made.From start to finish... David and his team made designing a piece an enjoyable experience. We were even shown renderings of the ring in advance, which gave us an idea of how the finished ring would look. When we picked the ring up, we were amazed at the quality of craftsmanship.Such a friendly and courteous team of people that treat customers like family.Thank you David Craig Jewelers!!read more
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