November Birthstones: Choose From Two

Mike Levine

November’s gemstones are topaz and citrine, with each jewel offering distinctive highlights and varieties to appeal to discerning tastes and budgets.

One Choice: Topaz
The most valuable topaz gemstones are known as the imperials. Often yellowish-orange with reddish hues, topaz can appear as anything from clear to grassy greens, sky blue and many other colors of the rainbow. There’s obviously a wide color range, but perhaps the most widely purchased (and affordable) topazes are blue. Blue topaz is also the gemstone for the 4th anniversary, described as a symbol of love and fidelity.

It’s All in a Name
The name “topaz” seems to come from a Greek island originally named Topazios that’s now called Zabargad. The island apparently produced the gemstone peridot, which was confused with topaz back when jewelers and other gemstone experts (like your jewelry specialists here at David Craig Jewelers!) didn’t have the precise knowledge and mineralogy tools we now have to let us tell these beauties apart. The American Gem Society (AGS) agrees that topaz, like so many other gemstones we offer, can easily be confused with other semi-gemstones.

Feeling Blue
Blue topaz is mined in Texas, a state that officially named blue topaz as its official gemstone in 1969. That was apparently the same year Utah also named topaz ITS state gem since, no doubt, topaz is mined in several counties there as well. The more the merrier!

Another Choice: Citrine
Before the days of modern gemology, citrine was also often confused with topaz and was actually once referenced as “gold topaz.” The most popular shade of citrine today is probably an earthy, pale yellowish-brown or reddish-orange color. Citrine also commemorates the 13th wedding anniversary if want to consider a gorgeous piece of fine jewelry for your loved one.

Brazil supplies us with the most citrine, but the gemstone is also mined in this country in Colorado, California and North Carolina. It’s relatively durable, ranking a 7 on the Mohs hardness scale. The less intensive the color, the less valuable the citrine.

Some citrine is actually amethyst that’s been specially treated with heat to alter the color. You can often tell if this is the case because of a bit of opaque white.The name citrine comes from the French word “le citron” which is lemon, the color we often associate with this gemstone.

Either Or, Shop Our Store!
The gems of November, whether sunny citrine or transcendent topaz, certainly hold their own. At David Craig Jewelers, we showcase a large variety of these dynamic gemstones and can create a unique ring, necklace pendant or pair of earrings in either of these November birthstones. Or how about combining both into one beautiful piece? Regardless if you’re buying topaz, citrine or another gemstone, always seek the advice of gemology experts like David Craig and his team at David Craig Jewelers!

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