Tantalizing Tanzanite is Rarer Than Diamonds

Mike Levine

Looking for fine jewelry that’s as unique as the person to whom you are presenting the gift? Consider tanzanite. Our vast loose gemstone collection includes extremely rare cushion-shape purple/pink tanzanite as well as blue and green tanzanite.

Rare and Beautiful
Discovered only approximately 50 years ago in Tanzania, (hence, the name), tanzanite is only found, to date, in this one area of the planet, a small enclave of about four miles. Tiffany reportedly declared tanzanite one of the most beautiful gemstones discovered in the last 2,000 years. It’s mined at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro. The likelihood of finding the gemstone anywhere else on earth is estimated to be one in a million.

Tanzanite is a “trichroic” stone, a phenomenon which means it flashes three colors at one time in different directions (as compared, for instance, to dichroic gemstones which show two colors). This amazing gemstone can appear as different colors when viewed under fluorescent or incandescent lighting.

Tanzanite is Relatively Soft
While stable under normal wearing conditions, tanzanite is considered a relatively soft gemstone compared to stones like diamonds (hardest), rubies and sapphires. Measuring 6 or 7 on the Mohs Hardness scale, a qualitative scale we use to characterize scratch resistance, tanzanite is comparatively delicate and could scratch if dropped. We’d recommend keeping your tanzanite jewelry for special occasions and not wearing on a daily basis. We’ll be sure to create a special precious metal setting that will help protect your investment.

Cleaning and Storing Tanzanite
Like many other gemstones, tanzanite can be cleaned with warm, soapy water gently applied with an old, soft toothbrush. Rinse well. We do not normally recommend ultrasonic cleaning for tanzanite. We’ll always suggest you store your tanzanite piece like any other fine jewelry, in a separate bag or pouch so it doesn’t rub against another favorite. With proper care, you should be able to enjoy your tanzanite jewelry forever!

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