More Great Reasons to Shop “Previously Loved”

Mike Levine

Shown: Limited edition Fabergé egg
pendant necklace: $2,950.

In a recent New York Times article, Angelina Chen, a senior jewelry specialist at Christie’s famous auction house, says that vintage jewelry is hot —“it’s on fire, basically!” she says.

Quig Bruning, head of jewelry at Sotheby’s, agrees, noting that Deco and ‘40s styles are popular, and that “‘70s/’80s are going crazy.”

According to the luxury lifestyle publication, Robb Report, jewels from the ‘90s are also sought after finds. “It’s not like buying a car where you have to wait for the computer chips and parts. Vintage jewelry is instant gratification.”

Every Piece Tells a Story
Just as a lot of top quality, reclaimed clothing was carefully sewn to be sturdy, our antique, estate, vintage and other previously loved pieces were created to stand the test of time. In most instances, you’ll be wearing a uniquely designed masterpiece that you won’t likely find elsewhere. And how romantic is it to be writing a new chapter to the story your lovely diamond and precious metal ring, gold necklace or bejeweled bracelet has to tell?

David Craig Jewelers offers top quality, pre-loved fine jewelry at dramatic savings, with something for every budget and taste. You can choose from elegant bracelets and rings to one-of-a-kind antique hairpins and necklaces, vintage broches and more. You’ll save on great styles in gemstones, precious metals, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings for yourself or a loved one. You’ll find treasures galore in our showcases. And we guarantee craftsmanship.

Sustainability Counts, Too
Buying vintage and antique turns you into a conservator rather than a consumer, since you’re purchasing an item that did not require any new resources to be produced.

Style Statements
Treat yourself or a loved one to a fine jewelry style statement from David Craig Jewelers. Half the fun of buying is hunting for your personal treasure! Stop on in and let us explain some of the intricate techniques and styles incorporated into these irresistible, authentic creations.


Shown: Gold bangle with garnets and pearls: $995.

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