Five Tips for Keeping Your Jewelry in Great Shape This Summer

Mike Levine

Traveling this summer? Planning on taking some of your precious metal jewelry with you? Here are some valuable tips to KEEP YOUR FINE JEWELRY SAFE:

#1 Make Sure Your Ring is Secure. If you’re traveling with a diamond engagement ring, consider bringing it in to David Craig Jewelers for a free prong and setting inspection. We’ll even clean it for you so that it shines brilliantly like the day you first got it. Note from David: Sometimes dirt can look like part of a prong that, in actuality, is broken or damaged. Don’t take the chance of ruining your trip by losing a valuable gemstone!

#2 Find Out If Your Jewelry is Insured. Before traveling, double check with your insurance company to see what your homeowners’ policy covers.  You may be surprised to learn you aren’t covered without a separate jewelry “floater” policy. Jewelers Mutual Group offers individual personal jewelry policies for about 1-2% the value of your jewelry. Authorities like the American Gem Society and Jewelers of America endorse this insurance group. So do we.

#3 If Possible, Avoid Going into Water with Valuable Jewelry: We strongly suggest not wearing rings in the ocean since the cooler temperatures can cause your finger to temporarily shrink and make it easier for a ring to slip off. Additionally, the chlorine and other chemicals in pools and hot tubs can damage gold or platinum jewelry.

#4 Keep Jewelry With You. NEVER pack jewelry in baggage you’re going to check. If you’re not wearing your precious metal jewelry (which will not set off TSA alarm, by the way) stow it carefully and securely in a carry-on bag you keep with you at all times.

#5 Document the Jewelry You’re Taking with You. Snap a photo of the jewelry you’re taking with you before you go away by wearing it in the photo. While you’re at it, consider making a full personal jewelry inventory. Feeling really organized? Some companies even offer jewelry templates. And don’t forget the accompanying photos.

Need an insurance appraisal for replacement value? Not all jewelry appraisals are created equal! Stop into David Craig Jewelers and learn how we can provide an in-depth, professional inspection to give you the information you need.




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