Silver or Gold: What’s Your Best Look?

Mike Levine

The debate continues. Silver or gold? When it comes to choosing engagement rings, necklaces, earrings and more, we ask ourselves whether gold or silver “suits us” best. The answer: Pick what you love or mix and match them both!

Traditional Thinking
Folks used to be advised to stick to the precious metal that best matched their skin tone. That meant that people with darker skin tones or those with yellow undertones in their complexion would choose gold. Individuals with “cooler” complexions (think rose undertones) would be advised to choose silver.

Mixing Metals
Although many of us have personal preferences, there really aren’t any style rules today. The same people who used to purchase bedroom and living room matching sets are now opting to mix and match designs in their home life and in jewelry preferences. Today, many of us opt to mix and match layers of gold, silver, rose gold and platinum.

One suggestion: Pick a dominant statement piece then add lighter additions, stacking and layering your wrist, neckline and fingers as you like.

You might pick one dominant statement piece in a bracelet for instance, metal then add as you like, stacking and layering your wrist, neckline (different lengths!) and fingers to suit your outfit.

Two-tone bracelets in 14k white and yellow gold shown here, from the top: 0.70 TCW diamonds $1879; Twisted tube design: $1,500; Geometric “s” design $1,905.00.

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