10 Tips to Choose Which Diamond Shape is Right for You?

Mike Levine

You may have heard about the 4Cs of diamond quality: color, clarity, cut and carat. But how do you choose what actual SHAPE suits you best? Shape is just what it sounds like, while the cut refers to the facets, reflective qualities, symmetry and other aspects of the diamond which is cut into a particular shape.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Diamond Shape

  • Short fingers? Oval-cut, marquise-cut, pear-cut and emerald-cut diamonds may help give your hand a more elongated appearance
  • Round cuts are always a popular style
  • Like the idea of a more antique look? Consider a marquise-cut which was supposedly created by France’s King Louis XV in the 18th century to look like his mistress’s lips!
  • Princess cuts are normally square but can be rectangular
  • Emerald cuts have a large “table” surface with long straight lines known as steps if you’d like this kind of sophisticated statement
  • Cushion cuts get their name from rounded edges that make the ring look like pillows! Comfy!
  • Think delicate shapes like a smaller-sized princess cut diamond for small, shorter hands so your hand-to-ring look is proportional
  • Wider palms and larger fingers may look great in styles that help slenderize, like oval, pear, radiant or maybe a round diamond set in a cluster

At the End of the Day Go with What You Love
Make an appointment with one of our specialists at David Craig Jewelers to try on shapes to see what suits your style and budget. We’ll answer all your engagement ring questions and will be happy to explain terms like brilliance, fire and scintillation. Most importantly, keep in mind that just because a diamond is bigger in weight doesn’t mean it’s actually a better stone. Call today for more information at 215-968-8900. We’ve been proudly serving the wedding industry for decades!

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