Poolside “I Do” Brings Joy to All

Mike Levine

I don’t know where I’d be
Without you here with me
Life with you makes perfect sense
You’re my best friend.
-Tim McGraw’s “My Best Friend”


The Couple
Mike Devane, 29, works in North Philadelphia driving a forklift for Menasha Packaging. His new fiancé, Kelly Gilbert, also 29, is a nurse at Horsham Clinic.

How They Met
Kelly was introduced to Mike in March 2012 by her friend Jess who just happens to be Mike’s cousin. The venue was Levittown’s McStew’s Irish Pub where a group was getting together a few days after Kelly’s birthday for a beer pong tournament. The two started formally dating that June.

What a Proposal!
After eight years of dating, Kelly and Mike both knew they would get married one day. But Kelly wanted to be surprised, and Mike had a plan. On July 11 th , cousin Jess helped out by planning a nail salon and lunch outing for the two women. While the women were out on their

Girls Day
Out, Mike ran over to Kelly’s mother’s house and tacked up “Will you Marry Me?” balloons on the backyard pool fence. “I also sprinkled the area with rose petals and wrote out ‘I love you’ in white candles,” says a proud Mike who had also invited a group of close friends and family members to witness the event. The atmosphere was further set by Tim McGraw’s tune “My Best Friend” which, one day, the couple will play at their wedding.

The Ring
Mike’s friend Ryan Cullan highly recommended David Craig Jewelers after his great experience at the store in 2019 in purchasing fiancé Michelle’s diamond ring. Kelly had shown Mike pictures of rings she liked to give him some ideas, but like the actual proposal, she wanted to be surprised with the ring. Mike borrowed one of Kelly’s rings she wouldn’t immediately miss which helped David Craig Jewelers perfectly size an engagement ring that, according to Mike, “fit like a glove.” Kelly loves her David Craig Jewelers ring!

It came with a Gemological Institute of America “pedigree” report. “Dawn helped me but everybody in the store was really friendly,” says Mike.

The Future
The couple are currently residing with Kelly’s mom, and will be looking to buy a house locally. Plans for a date and venue have been postponed primarily due to COVID-19, but everybody is looking forward to a future event.

We warmly congratulate this young couple on their engagement which is just the start of their long and brilliant journey together.

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