Blazing a Trail Toward a Wonderful Future

Mike Levine

In 2015, Lou Toth, now 34, strolled into Langhorne’s Manny Brown’s Bar and Grill to buy beer for a party. As a cook at the Summit Square Shopping Center’s nearby Tre Fratelli Italian restaurant at the time, Lou knew that Manny’s was a convenient place to buy beer.

Behind the counter was a beautiful, friendly young woman. Lou, a native of Levittown, wanted to ask for the young woman’s phone number, but “chickened out.” So he gave up.

Kidding! Lou returned to the bar a few hours later. And still couldn’t get up enough nerve to talk to this woman. So he left. And he returned again. And again.

“I probably only needed one case but went in over and over to buy beer just to get the courage up,” recalls Lou. “She must have thought I was an alcoholic.”

“She” is Michelle Kaplun, 28, originally from Southampton, the young woman who did ultimately give her telephone number to shy Lou. The two started seriously dating March 17, 2015.

The Engagement
Both Lou and Michelle love hiking. When they planned an outdoor adventure in upstate New York this past June, Lou figured it would be a great place to propose. He popped the question on top of a mountain. Talk about a picturesque setting!

The Ring
“I’ve been familiar with David Craig Jewelers for many years since I worked in the same shopping center,” notes Lou. (David Craig Jewelers is located in Summit Square Shopping Center with a Langhorne/Newtown address).

“I would go in every once in a while to shop for myself and always knew that David and his crew were upfront, honest and really helpful, offering great customer service. So this was the perfect place to go for ideas since I wanted the ring to be a surprise.”

Lou came prepared with some pictures of rings he had taken online based on
discussions he had had with Michelle.

“Paul (Cohen) did what he does best and added his own flair to my design,” notes Lou. “The result was awesome.”

The custom-designed ring is highlighted by a virtually colorless and nearly flawless center diamond that Lou selected. This center diamond is rated by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), an independent gem-grading and identification lab which provides an extra level of authenticity. The center diamond is framed with a halo circle of additional diamonds. As a subtle contrast, blue sheen moonstones flank the center diamond, offering subtle light blue sparkles.

The Future
Lou and Michelle are currently residing in Yardley. They’ve discussed a wedding date and, mostly due to the coronavirus pandemic, have decided to consider a date and venue in 2021.

We wish Michelle and Lou all the best and hope their future together is filled with infinite love and happiness.


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