Can you create original “custom” designs?

But of course! Inside David Craig Jewelers we operate a full-service design shop. And David is an expert in the jewelry industry, with “bespoke” original designs a true passion. Bring in your ideas and dreams and we’ll create an original piece of art you will cherish forever.

Can you incorporate heirloom stones into my jewelry?

At David Craig Jewelers, our jewelry “makeovers” can turn your outdated, but cherished, pieces into gorgeous new creations suited to your individual taste and lifestyle. Here are just a few ideas: Turn diamonds from a too-skinny watch into a pair of lovely earrings; re-string long pearls to a better length for you or your offspring; or take the colorful, precious stones out of an old-fashioned brooch and turn them into the highlights of a stylish, new bracelet.

What are the “Four Cs” of diamond quality?

The fabulous Four Cs of diamonds refer to clarity, cut, carat weight and color. For more information, check out the American Gem Society or let David educate you on the subject.

While the “Four Cs” are incredibly important diamond characteristics, we think that sourcing is of equal, if not as great, significance. We want you to feel proud that your diamond comes from conflict-free origins which are ethically and environmentally responsible sources. We only partner with companies who meet these high standards. Our Forevermark diamonds, for example, are selected based on a rigorous process that ensures that the mine also benefits the “people, community, and country where they are located.”

What’s the difference between carat and karat?

If you’re talking gold, you’re talking “karats,” i.e. 14K, 18K or 24K gold, information that tells you the purity of the gold. 14K gold contains nearly 60% pure gold mixed with other alloys to provide strength and durability. Diamonds and other precious gemstones such as pearls are sold by the “carat” which is actually a unit of weight. One carat equals approximately .2 grams, or 200 milligrams. One “carrot” equals lots of healthy Vitamin A! (Sorry, we couldn’t resist!)

Can you fit rings on arthritic knuckles?

David Craig Jewelers offers special rings with adjustable “shanks” (the part of the ring that rests under your finger) that open up to accommodate arthritic or otherwise swollen joints.

What color options do I have when purchasing gold?

All 14K and 18K gold jewelry contains other more durable alloys such as nickel, copper and silver, to add strength. When you add more of a particular alloy, you can also change the appearance of the gold. Yellow gold contains, along with the gold, equal parts of copper and zinc or silver. Rose gold contains more copper, which gives the gold a warmer, reddish hue. White gold and platinum look alike, but the differences are in the price. Platinum is rarer than gold and is hypoallergenic. While more durable than white gold, platinum will need regular polishing and cleaning.

Can you explain the different birthstones?

According to the American Gem Society:

  • January = Garnet
  • February = Amethyst
  • March = Aquamarine or Bloodstone
  • April = Diamond; May = Emerald
  • June = Pearl, Alexandrite or Moonstone
  • July = Ruby
  • August = Peridot, Sardonyx or Spinel
  • September = Sapphire
  • October = Opal or Tourmaline
  • November = Topaz or Citrine
  • December = Tanzanite, Zircon or Turquoise

Our suggestion regarding this multitude of gorgeous stones: buy what colors or stones you like!

What is the difference between .999 silver and .925 silver?

Fine .999 silver is nearly pure silver. It’s not commonly used in jewelry because, like pure gold, it is soft and will bend and scratch easily. Most sterling silver jewelry is .925 silver, which incorporates approximately 7.5% of another more durable alloy, usually copper. You can often identify the grade of silver via a tiny stamp on the piece of jewelry, although smaller items with insufficient silver surfaces are not required to bear the numbered stamp.

Why is it better to buy from a local jeweler?

Giving and receiving a gift of jewelry are intimate experiences. Why shouldn’t the purchasing experience be equally as special? An independent jeweler chooses every piece of jewelry in the inventory, which equates to the highest level of understanding and quality control. Most independent jewelers, like David Craig Jewelers, also have a team of professionals who value jewelry as an art form. There’s also the question of service—with a smaller, local and highly credentialed jeweler you know you’re dealing with a true expert on gemstones and all fine jewelry.

How do I best clean my gold and silver jewelry?

Different types of jewelry should be cleaned separately. David Craig Jewelers offers various “jar” cleaners depending on the type of item you want to clean. Other “OTC” tips include using watered down household products like Mr. Clean to clean gold jewelry. You can purchase silver cleaning products at the supermarket or buy silver polishing cloths that are soft but effective in removing tarnish. For delicate stones like pearls, a light soap and water solution using a gentle detergent like Ivory Snow can do the trick.

Why is my finger turning green or black from my ring?

Certain metals or “alloys” like copper (that are contained in even the finest gold jewelry) can react with the moisture in your skin (think humidity or sweat) to create a slightly green mark. A true metal allergy is normally accompanied by itching or other sensitivity. Silver turns black when it tarnishes. This tarnishing can rub off on your skin causing dark discoloration. Keeping your silver jewelry clean and dry will help avoid discoloration.

Don’t want to deal with possible discoloration? Buy only platinum which is typically “pure” with no added alloys that can leave marks on your skin. Stainless steel also should not tarnish.

Will the gold on my jewelry eventually wear away?

Pure gold is very soft, which is why alloys like nickel or copper are mixed in with 14K and 18K gold to add strength. Even so, constant wear means that rings may actually lose gold over the years.

If the gold ring prongs securing your diamond or other gemstone begin to snag or flatten, David Craig Jewelers can add a little more gold in a process called “retipping.” If the bottom shank of your ring (the part that goes around the finger) seems to be wearing thin after many years we can replace it with thicker gold.

Are you price-competitive?

We’re extremely price-competitive. David Craig Jewelers will match or beat advertised prices of any major retailer. You’ll also receive outstanding customer service to ensure you are 100% satisfied!

Do you engrave jewelry?

We’d be happy to engrave your jewelry for you whether you purchased it with us or elsewhere.

Can I get an appraisal or evaluation report?

David Craig Rotenberg is a certified gemological appraiser with more than 50 years of experience in the industry. As a matter of fact, he is one of the only “Triple CAPPS” appraisers in the entire country accredited by the International Society of Appraisers. David can provide appraisals or evaluation reports on any of your jewelry including gemstones, antique or period jewelry or contemporary pieces.

Whether you seek appraisal for insurance purposes, are settling an estate, creating collateral for a loan, or just curious what your heirloom piece is worth, David can help.

Can I shop for a diamond on the David Craig Jewelers website?

View our current inventory at David’s Diamonds. Here, with our advanced search tool, you can check out the stone’s Gemology Institute of America certificate. Email us with any questions before leaving the comfort of your couch, desk chair, car or wherever you’re sitting and contemplating a diamond purchase. You can also view our current offerings by brand, by type of jewelry, or collection.

Do you carry Forevermark diamonds?

David Craig Jewelers is an authorized Forevermark dealer, a prestigious title to have since less than 1% of the world’s diamonds are Forevermark diamonds. This means they have met the brand’s rigorous selection process.

Can I cash in gold and silver with you?

We buy silver, gold and also diamonds. We’ll examine your pieces and make you an offer on the spot.

Do you repair jewelry?

We can repair almost any jewelry. We also offer an American Gem Society-accredited gem lab on site which assists in appraisals and gemological identifications.

Do you have a return/exchange policy?

We stand behind everything we sell—no questions asked. If you are not totally satisfied with the item you have purchased from David Craig Jewelers, you can return it to us within 14 days of purchase provided the item shows no wear. All packaging, if applicable, must be included. Watches should be in their original boxes.

Do you buy and sell used jewelry (watches)?

We call used jewelry “previously loved jewelry” and yes, we do buy pre-owned items that we’ll sometimes re-sell if the item is in great shape and in vogue. Often, we’ll just give you cash for scrap metal.

Do you have a trade-in policy?

If you’ve purchased your diamond at David Craig Jewelers and wish to “trade-up” for a new upgrade, we’ll be happy to give you 100% of the full value of the original purchase price towards an upgraded stone.

Do you offer a layaway plan?

We offer a variety of layaway plans. Come in and arrange a plan to suit your individual needs.