Employee Spotlight: Bela Kardos

Mike Levine

David Craig Jewelers is very pleased to introduce our latest team member, Bela Kardos. A seasoned diamontologist, Bela brings more than 35 years of experience in both jewelry manufacturing and retail jewelry management with companies like Jarrod.

A Worldly Guy: While Bela currently resides in Yardley, PA, he is originally from Budapest, Hungary and grew up in Montreal, Canada. As an adult, he then worked and lived in New York City for many years. He’s been happily married to his wife Susan for 29 years. The proud couple have two adult sons, Jeffrey and Alex.

What He Loves About Jewelry:  “Decades of experience in jewelry manufacturing management opened up my huge appreciation for the craftmanship and artistic flair that humans can bring to jewelry creation. They take these raw priceless materials, find unique ways to put them together and end up with dazzling masterpieces that people wear and admire.”

Something You Wouldn’t Know: On a dare, Bela signed up with an agency with the idea of filming commercials. While subsequent auditions didn’t really pan out, he still has some great photos to show for the experience!

His Favorite Jewelry:  Bela once worked for a diamond importer. He still remembers an especially impressive pair of red diamond earrings that stood out. (Red is one of the rarest diamond colors and therefore one of the most valuable).

In His Spare Time:  A former soccer coach for his sons’ teams, he still plays soccer with a Bucks County, PA adult league. Hockey, too!

Bela is eager to introduce himself to David Craig Jeweler customers. Stop on in and expect gracious, knowledgeable customer service from this incredibly personable industry veteran!

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