Facts About December’s Birthstones – Tanzanite, Blue Topaz, and Turquoise

Mike Levine

There are three different birthstones for the month of December: Tanzanite, Blue Topaz, and Turqouise. Though each gemstone possesses its own unique qualities and charm, they do share one thing in common: a stunning blue color. Learn more about each of these stones and pick the perfect December birthstone for you or a loved one.


Tanzanite-ring_Essentials-collectionDiscovered in Tanzania in the late 1960s, Tanzanite ranges in color from deep blue to burgundy to purple. This variation in colors—called trichroism—is one of the unique qualities of this stone. When mined, Tanzanite is usually a deep red, but once it is heated it turns a rich violet blue. (Tanzanites that are violet blue are the most treasured and valued.)

Tanzanite has long been associated with the virtues of contentment and understanding, making a piece of Tanzanite jewelry a great gift for anyone or any occasion.

Blue Topaz

Blue-Topaz-Snowflake-EarringsBlue topaz is the more prominently known birthstone for December and displays a lovely light blue shade, much like that of a crisp, cold December sky. Topaz becomes blue when it is heated, either naturally or artificially, and can vary in intensity. The deepest shade, London Blue Topaz, most never occurs in nature and is only produced by gemological processes.

Blue Topaz is said to represent love and loyalty, which makes it a great romantic gift as well as the perfect present for a close friend, especially those born in December.


Dew-Drop-Turquoise-NecklaceTurquoise is the third birthstone for December and is one of the oldest stones to be used in jewelry. Although it is commonly associated with Native American culture, turquoise was imported to medieval Europe through Turkey and Turkish traders (which is how it got its name) and was considered sacred by many ancient civilizations. Many believed that the opaque gemstone’s color-changing properties could monitor the health of its wear and protect him or her from unhealthy forces.

Turquoise’s naturally mottled appearance and lovely textures make it a great gift for anyone who prefers an earthy, natural look.

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