A Special Union: Two Families and Two Rings

Mike Levine

Remember the famous “Bend and Snap” scene from Legally Blonde where Paulette falls for the UPS guy? Life imitated art in June 2015 when hair stylist Shannon McIntyre, originally from Langhorne and proprietor of Pennington, New Jersey’s Pixie Salon, met veteran UPS deliveryman George Sigle.

Shannon’s mom, Cheryl, met George first, four months before Shannon. George had delivered a parcel to the new salon that Shannon had recently purchased. George chatted with Cheryl who he assumed was the owner. Cheryl explained she was merely helping set up the salon for her daughter, Shannon, who was still employed in Newtown, Pennsylvania and had only recently signed a lease for the NJ establishment.

Cheryl called Shannon immediately after George left, telling Shannon she “just had to meet” this “nice and cute” guy. Shannon’s initial response: “OMG – this is SO pathetic – this is what my life has come to—my mom is trying to set me up with the UPS man!”

But mom’s intuition was right on. While Shannon was often busy with clients when George came in with deliveries, the two felt a connection and would chat amicably as time allowed. As Shannon remembers telling her mom the first time she laid eyes on George, “You’re right – he’s cute, nice and super friendly!”

Finally, in September 2016, Shannon and George went out together. The date turned into a nine-hour marathon of bike riding, dining and getting to know each other.

“I drove away that night thinking about my day and realized just how awesome it had been spending time with Shannon,” recalls George.

The couple got engaged December 2017 and were recently married on July 28th 2018 at St. Andrew’s Church in Newtown with a reception at Rose Bank Winery.

The Ring

George adored his grandmother, a lively, maternal fixture in his life who lived two doors down from the home of his youth in Lancaster County. George had inherited her engagement ring.

“She was so easy to talk to and a great friend,” remembers George.

When it was clear the couple would get married, Shannon’s aunt, Karyn McCready, asked George if he would like to have Shannon’s great grandmother’s wedding band that Karen had inherited and was willing to part with. The idea of “marrying” the two families of rings together sounded wonderful, but the visual just wasn’t right. That’s where David Craig Jewelers came in.

David Craig Jewelers Saves the Day

“This was a complex undertaking,” explains David Craig Rotenberg. “With only weeks to go before the wedding, we needed to figure out how to transform George’s grandmother’s wedding ring, which was rather worn, and restore it to a new condition. And somehow we had to make it work with Shannon’s great grandmother’s wedding band.”

David Craig Jewelers decided to create a third element, an additional band that would fill in spaces in order to make the engagement ring flow better with the wedding band. All rings can now be worn separately, but, when combined, not only honor two families but connect the past with the future for Shannon and George.

“David and his staff are so professional, and they have any eye for jewelry unlike anywhere I’ve ever been,” says George. “They make you feel special, like a true friend, and have great suggestions.”

The couple honeymooned in Bermuda and now live in Holland, PA.

P.S. –Want to have a good chuckle? See UPS superhero George save Christmas in this adorable video filmed for Pennington gift shop The Front Porch.  

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