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There are no “Rules” When Selecting an Engagement Ring

Mike Levine

You might think the concept of purchasing diamond engagement rings goes back centuries. But it really hasn’t. While the idea of giving a ring to show a love connection has indeed been a long-held tradition, the real popularity of diamonds can be traced to a simple De Beers marketing campaign from 1938.

Some studies show that, prior to World War II, only 10% of engagement rings were diamonds. The story is that De Beers hired an ad agency who created the “A Diamond is Forever” campaign. By 1941, the company is said to have reported a whopping 55% increase in sales of diamonds in the U.S.!

Diamonds aren’t just popular because of their incredible sparkle. On the Mohs scale of mineral hardness and resistance to damage, diamonds rank “10” as the most durable stone. David Craig Jewelers carries hundreds of varieties and shapes and sizes of diamonds in brands like our popular Forevermark.

Lovely Alternatives

Despite today’s rightful popularity of diamonds, other gemstones can make fabulous engagement rings for the non-traditional bride looking for something stunning, but non-traditional.

While diamonds are the sturdiest gemstones, many other stones rank nearly as high, such as rubies and sapphires which both rank as “9” on the same Mohs scale. Kate Middleton, and before her, Princess Diana, showed the world that blue sapphire makes for a gorgeous engagement ring. While sapphires are known for their vibrant blue hue, the stone also comes in lovely colors like yellow and pink.

Stones with a 7.5 – 8 Mohs rating include aquamarine (gorgeous green-blue) and emeralds. With special care, other stones with lower hardness rankings (pearls and opals, for instance), can also last a lifetime.

Whether you’re looking for a diamond or a beautiful alternative gemstone, you can rely on your local jewelers at David Craig for a lovely, unique engagement ring that will suit your style and serve as a cherished reminder of your love. We promise complete satisfaction!

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