Be Smart About Where You Buy Diamonds


Be Smart About Where You Buy Diamonds

Don’t Buy Diamonds Where You Eat Your Dinner

It has recently come to our attention that some jewelers are illegally selling Forevermark diamond jewelry in local restaurants and other places of business; basically not in a jewelry store. For starters, these merchants DO NOT have a legal mercantile ID# and are therefore selling these diamonds illegally by using the restaurant location.

On a second note, we learned that the prices they are charging consumers for the diamonds are exceptionally higher than the prices we offer as an authorized Forevermark diamond jeweler. It goes without saying that these so-called jewelers are not interested in the products they are selling (who would showcase exquisite and rare diamonds next to a plate of Penne alla Vodka?!) but rather the profit.

It’s alarming to hear of such unprofessional swindling. It is both illegal and unethical. But what concerns me more is the fact that people are actually trusting and buying from these so-called businessmen. While it may seem like they are scoring a deal or receiving special treatment because they are meeting outside of the store, the truth is they are paying more and not getting the personal attention and education they deserve.

You can not examine the quality of a diamond without the proper equipment. What’s more, you can not accurately judge the clarity and color of a diamond once it is set: flaws can easily be hidden by prongs, and color can be masked by the reflections of the setting itself. No diamond ring should be purchased without seeing the loose diamond first. Click here to learn more about buying diamonds and fine jewelry.

As a businessman, I understand that the goal of any business is to be successful. But the way I measure success is by the trust we earn with our clients and the quality of our products. We don’t need to step outside of our boundaries to score a sale; we’re happy that our customers come back to us time and time again and that we constantly receive new customers by referrals. That is how we know we have reached success.

I hope to dissuade you from making any diamond or fine jewelry purchase outside of a jewelry store. I also ask that when you’re looking to buy a diamond, especially a Forevermark diamond, you come and see me, not to buy but to learn what to look for when buying a diamond so that you can make a smart and safe diamond purchase, no matter which jeweler you decide to buy from.

While we advise you not to buy your diamonds in a restaurant, we still want you to support and enjoy the local restaurant community. To show our appreciation, we have a special offer: Stop by our store with a receipt from a local restaurant and receive $100 off your jewelry purchase of $200 or more.

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