Commitment to Therapy Dog Program

Mike Levine

Anyone that has visited David’s store knows about David’s deep affection for Portuguese Water Dogs. It’s a rare day when one of his dogs is not in attendance with him at the store, greeting customers and happily snoozing near his master. David has combined his love of the breed with service opportunities by developing and leading the volunteer therapy dog program at St. Mary Medical Center in Langhorne. Flanked by his beloved pets — first Rosco, and now Abby, Dozer, Suzi, Gabbi, Bubba, Shelbie and Dazzle, David makes visits to stroke patients and other infirms to raise their spirits and provide a welcome distraction during a hospital stay. As a former cancer patient himself, David has a strong belief in the healing power of dogs. David’s wife, Debbi, is also involved in the cause as a breeder and groomer of Portuguese Water Dogs.