Band of Gold… and More

Mike Levine

Although women have been wearing wedding rings as far back as ancient Egypt, the practice of men wearing bands seems to have started more recently. In fact, it wasn’t probably until WWII when men wearing bands became popular, probably as a way of showing unity with their wives back home. Today, we look at men’s bands as a sign of mutual respect and commitment, signifying a couple, whether it’s a man and a woman or two men, united in love and honor.

Fun Facts:

• American men wear wedding bands on their left 3 rd or 4th finger, but in parts of Europe the ring is worn on the ring finger of the right hand
• Western influence introduced the concept in China where men, who may have had many concubines centuries ago, did not traditionally wear rings
• A lost wedding band, unfortunately, is not uncommon. We’ve created many replacements for rings lost during water sports or other activities
• Men’s and women’s bands don’t have to match, although many bands share a common characteristic, whether it’s the main metal, a special engraving or added feature or two
• When fitting for a band try to get it sized when your body temperature is not too cold and not too hot to make sure the fit is just right

Choosing the Band
David Craig Jewelers can help you find the perfect male wedding or anniversary band that’s stylish, practical and fits your unique personality and budget. Choose from no-frills to fancy, from metals like platinum, white gold, yellow or rose gold, palladium, titanium or tungsten.

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