11 Unique Men’s Wedding Bands


These unique men’s wedding bands by Lashbrook feature a variety of metals, shapes, and designs that will not only look great on your groom, but will showcase his unique personality and style.

1. Flat 8mm band with 14K rose gold grooved edges and seven channel set black diamonds

Mens Wedding Band

2. Cobalt chrome 8mm flat square band with tree bark pattern

Square Mens Band with tree bark pattern

3. Flat band with 6mm sterling silver center with Versaills pattern and three round chocolate diamonds

Mens Band with Versailles pattern and chocolate diamonds

4. Cobalt Chrome 9mm beveled band with flush set sapphires and diamonds

Mens band with sapphires and diamonds

5. Cobalt chrome 7mm flat band with three angled bead set black diamonds

mens wedding band with angled bead set black diamonds

6. Flat band with machined coordinates

Flat mens band with machines coordinates

7. Flat band with grooved edges and Celtic heart pattern

Mens band with Celtic heart pattern

8. Cobalt chrome flat square band with channel set white and black diamonds

Square mens band with black and white diamonds

9.  Cobalt chrome 7mm flat band with 2mm 14K yellow gold center

Flat mens band with 14K yellow gold center

10. Domed band with double X pattern

Domed mens band with double x pattern

11. Domed band with beveled edges and three bezel white round diamonds

Mens band with bezel set white diamonds

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